Our Salient features

Our Features

Learning a joyful experience

Laying a strong foundation for future learning by providing maximum opportunity for perception, observation, auditory and visual experience, the basic needs for concept formation.

Personal Attention

Giving maximum personal attention to each student in our school. Few ways: Publish tasks, Strategic Seating, Effective Grouping, Peer Recognition.

Periodic Evaluation

Evaluating periodically the students through test and assignments and supporting the parents to enhance their wards progress by helping them to identify the area of enhancement.


Encouraging the students and instilling confidence in them to take part in all co-curricular activities.

Maximum Opportunities

Providing maximum opportunities to get trained in various fields and thus paving the way for holistic development of personality.

Moral and Cultural Values

Inculcating moral and cultural values in the minds of students, imbibing secularism and communal harmony right from the childhood to develop a broader vision as they grow.